Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Beware of Loyyyyyers

Me (feeling chipper): Good Morning, Parking.
Girl (26 - oldest, & speaks very quickly, I mean.... on some kind of drug quickly): Hi. My license plate is ____, and I got a ticket last night for parking on the street “for longer than 4 hours” but there is no sign on the street, so can you please explain the by-law to me.
Me: Sure. Some by-laws, called ‘blanket by-laws’ or ‘extending bylaws,’ aren’t signed on every street, and that’s because the by-law is applicable to the municipality as a whole. We do have over 400 signs and we do send out yearly notices indicating the by-law but we are not obliged to sign everywhere.
Girl: Huh…well….how am I supposed to know about this by-law if I am visiting your municipality? This is just such a money grab.
Me: No, it’s intended because the residents do not want a vehicle to be parked on the street for too long. If you need to park overnight as a guest you can always call our office and register your vehicle to park overnight.
[ Slight pause ]
Girl: Ok, listen the fuck up. I am a LAWYER. A “LOYYYYY-ER”. Read me the exact by-law right now. RIGHT NOW.
Me: Um…..the bylaws are filed, I don’t have them here in front of me. If you come into our office you can have a look at them. Alternatively, they are all online.
Girl: Yeah, okay sure. I have this conversation RECORDED okay. So you better be AFRAID FOR YOUR JOB you little secretary.
*hangs up*

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