Friday, 19 August 2011

Godfather Part 2

Me: Good morning, Parking - how can I help you?
Italian Man: Hallo. So. I let it slide yesterday but no today. Not again. So. There are 3 trucks here now, one in the no parking, one in front of the meter. No, wait. The fire hydrant. So. This is bad and there needs to be a lesson so they have some respect on my street.
Me: Okay, and the address?
Italian Man:  [******says address******] Now. I know I call. You probably know me, huh? Yes. (small laugh) So, I call in to get them to have respect. I know they mess up, and we all mess up, I mess up. I’m not better. But, I live in Alberta for 24 years and then I didn't know respect until now. So, you know, I used to park on the street, I smoke cigarettes, I tried the drugs even, I did all the things these do. I had suspended license for 3 years and drove all over. Nobody taught me a lesson. So, now. So. I do that. I am saying that respect is respect is respect. Okay? Understand?

Me: Yes, definitely. Okay, so I’ll get someone out there right away.

Italian Man: Good then. Well done. Bye.
*hangs up*

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